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A garish parody of the present?

The subversive messages hidden in The Wizard of Oz


It’s easy to mistake the 1939 classic as traditional family entertainment – but 80 years on from its release, the musical is more radical and surreal than ever, writes Nicholas Barber.


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  1. I always interpreted the original story as some kind of wild dream/hallucination brought on by head trauma. I suppose the things in our heads are always influenced by our experiences and observations. Dorothy as brilliant, disillusioned socio-political critic? Or is she going through a coming of age story and finding out that the people she always thought of as powerful and wise are really more like her?

  2. Slowly
    Mr.Smith,..😂🙊 I need google translation for this English why are you kidding me ..

  3. I never thought of the movie through this perspective. I, like most others, believed it to be a simple bildungsroman-like story, focusing on the challenges and virtues of each of the characters. I really love this way of analyzing the plot and I realize there were a lot more factors which influenced this movie than I once thought. Truly eye-opening and painfully accurate. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Perhaps! … Most Likely yes.

    Since I have always considered this movie to be too depressing, I haven’t seen it in a long, long time. All of this is new to me.

    I mean, I remember a few scenes, especially the music ones, but as a kid I didn’t really see or learn a ‘powerful’ lesson — kind of unfortunate, if I think about it now, guess I was distracted with the music and the shiny shoes.

    Anyway, after reading this article, the Wizard of Oz does seem radical for its time, even for today. The lessons I am getting here are (my apologies for the cheesiness):

    — You are enough, you should not get intimidated by others. (In the, ‘don’t let others’ accomplishments and titles bring you down, or discourge you’, sense).
    — Fake it till you make it.
    — Success is equal parts hard work and good luck, or just plain luck.

    And, probably the most important… and the most relevant:

    — You should question authority, don’t follow someone or something without doing the research.

    Am I missing anything?


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