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Are we replacing our books to phones?

More than a quarter of US adults have not read a book in past year



More than a quarter of US adults say they haven’t read a book




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  1. Weird or🙊 I love NY and the us bit sometimes inwodner if they know where Hamburg city is on the map?😂🙊
    How many books are you reading per year, Dr.Dan ? (Except wise mindfulness books😋) i‘m always getting frustrated when I didn‘t finnish all books I wanted to finnish reading (as a NYE Solution 📖😅that‘s the problem ,when you read 9books at the same time 😁 and then fast as always it’s almost “happy new year “🎊 😆yayyy

    me thinking(when watching fireworks on NYE 💥lol) : ahh i‘m a loser:( ,i’m stupid. others are now wiser then I am lol Self -doubts you know ?😂.why i‘m So stupid 🤔hmmm i must change something..etc.but then after a wine..

    I also think ,next Year ! I‘m reading 100 books! i‘m so sure !yes i‘ll do it 🙊yes i got it and it‘s then it’s again almost May🥴

  2. But thank you for sharing I was laughing as I saw it .I thought 3 years for now you really hate me or so but thanks Mr.Smith ❤️
    Ps: Lol😎you are not so busy as I thought🙊😅hehe ..

  3. I think it’s quite sad that people don’t read anymore! For me it always was my safe place to just read a book and ‘hang out with the characters’ (if that makes sense😂). I love the feeling of being able to say that I finished a book and it also makes me feel really intelligent when I’m able to speak about a book☺️
    But I guess in the last years – probably because of phones and all those endless possibilities of the internet- we all got a little lazy and don’t really feel the need to read a book in our freetime. Spending time on our phones seems just so much easier than in-depth reading… And that’s really sad. I always loved reading and I hope that others find out about the joy of that too-because it’s worth it! 😊

  4. I too find this sad. Like music, books have always been an escape from everyday life for me. I always have a book with me. Things like Kindle are an easy way to carry around multiple books, so you would think it would make them more accessible.

  5. How? Books are an escape for me. I start reading a good one and I get lost in its pages, become one of the characters. If I’m ever feeling low, my turn-to reliefs are music and books. As geeky as it sounds, without them, i would be a completely different person.

  6. I realized I had become one of these people so I have made a point of reading at least 1 book per month!

  7. I love books. I think they are are brilliant way of educating yourself, and of course just enjoying a story and escaping everyday life! I refuse to use a kindle etc because I like to hold a physical copy of the book, also can’t beat the smell of a book! 😂 It’s quite sad I think how much we rely on technology now.

  8. I have always loved to read books. When I was growing up, my mom always had a stack of books to read (still does) and would take my sister and me to the library all the time. When I finished school, I went through a period where I didn’t read as much (probably because I was so burned out). But now… now I feel twitchy if I don’t have a book to read. It’s another form of escapism for me. Getting lost in the words and worlds that an author creates.

  9. I couldn’t be without a book or 10 by my bed. The smell the feel. Whole worlds into which I can disappear. A good book is like a great song. It lasts in your head long after you finish it and exists on many layers and can a certain time in your life. I vividly remember discovering John Steinbeck and F Scott Fitzgerald and I can become as excited about the new Stephen King a I can about a new album. The only problem I have is that there’s so much to read and so little time.


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