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'Bad Moon Rising' again: 50 years after Woodstock, how songs of 1969 are relevant today





  1. I find a lot of comfort in music these days. When i was younger i listened to a lot of doom/black/death metal, while my mental health was spiraling downwards. When i was sixteen my grandmother played Rose Garden by Lynn Anderson, and urged me to listen to Beatles, Lynn Anderson, Janis Joplin, music that touched sensitive, But still important issues. That seemed to help me a lot. Age of Aquarius has been one of my favourite songs ever since i can remember btw.

  2. Music has always solace for people in extremely difficult or cruel times. This is something ingrained our DNA as people and it goes back way farther than this as well.

  3. Music is something that connects us all, I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t listen to music. The lyrics, rhythm and beat are the backgrounds of our lives. I don’t know where’d I’d be if I wasn’t able to listen to music.

  4. Music & the music of the time around Woodstock and the ‘69 is still a important thing these days. The revolution which happened in these songs – the criticism of the society & about some things happened around the world back then. Sometimes this kind of music is more honest with the listener in comparison to some of the latest music / songs these days. Especially whilst listening to the song on vinyl it gives you the feelings the people must have had back then .

  5. In some times, music is the only thing that gives us hope. That’s why it’s so important to listen to it. And the best music always has a story behind it, you just have to look beneath the surface.

  6. The last couple of months music has been the only thing that kept me alive. Everything didn’t go right anymore, my relationship, my friend, university,.. but with the help of music everything did get better. I first wanted to get myself back in track and then the rest of my life. And now i’m happier

  7. I just can sing : “Music makes the people come together …yeaahhh “😍😄💃🏻 I already know this article of the stream already ended 👍🏼I shut up 😬🤫


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