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Can anyone relate?

Superfans: A Love Story



From “Star Wars” to “Game of Thrones,” fans have more power than ever to push back. But is fandom becoming as toxic as politics?




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Doom Days Society Member Submission @DBrod


  1. I find that toxicity of “stan” social media relies strongly on the anonymity factor. It’s so easy to be mean when you don’t have a face. Also, from a psychological perspective, much easier to be rude and act out on emotion rather than having a constructive conversation about disagreement. The toxicity comes from the refusal of other perspectives.

  2. I totally understand the Michael Jackson fans when a Safechuck and Wade Robson and also Sam Smith (supporter ),tree little penises actually are against a King of Pop ,Michael Jackson who is already dead ,who can‘t say anything yet-..,just to push themself for fame !… i have no respect for those idiots without self-love…Those three and others who support this neverland movie (fake) Shit – are just losers after money – jealous of a legend Michael Jackson who was a Beautiful human ,singer and beyond this an amazing human all in all – they can never relate to this .. that‘s why people like Sam Smith talk bad in front of the tv about MJ before the Movie came out : I don‘t like Michael Jackson he said-.. and then he talked bad shit about MJ on insta (?)to support the 2idiots who made the neverland Film .. it‘s tactic of Sam Smith and – that‘s disgusting I think from a “famous star “ Sam Smith .., what bad human is he actually ……. I still think . Where is the respect from a musician to a musican and here we talk about MJ ,he is dead – what have some musicians become in 2019? I wonder …

  3. Ps: Michael Jackson is just so cool ,he wouldn’t have said something bad against Sam Smith ..never ever – I could put my hand in fire for this ,because he is just brilliant ✨and cooler than Sam Smith 🤷🏻‍♀️😎 a cooler human with a big respect for people and especially love for people. How can someone trumple with his feet on a dead person i don‘t get this ..but he is Sam Smith, wowww👍🏼 his money reached his empty head already …

  4. Also ,I think that people are hypocrites bc if Sam Smith says on the tv: I don‘t like MJ …etc.
    That is totally ok 👍🏼 He can say what he wants he is famous and is bathing In money -..and people even Support this !?!? Act like they haven‘t heard this news …!?!also musicians act like they haven‘t heard what he said – how come ?? I wonder ..
    And That he said is public is so worst I think –

    But if a normal human who is working 9to 5(to stay alive) would say this in public or in the tv,everyone would be against this person – that‘s the hypocrite world we live in right now ,this is fake.People make someone to God but Sam Smith or other famous people are NOT God there is just one God on this planet his name is Jesus..

    And you know what ,i‘m at peace with it it .It leads to nothing .i know God and I know Michael Jackson and the truth is there .i just wanted to say it out loud how fucked up people are and also famous people like Sam Smith…he is just a human and should be kind too especially how he speaks in public about a dead person – end of story .

  5. It was the same with Kanye West first i liked him but then he blamed Taylor Swift on stage showed me he is sick.and then he has 1million follower ?why .Because people make people to god but , Kanye west is NOT God – he is a human with a bipolar illness etc.who has first learn self-love.Even his money and fame couldn‘t made him happy – that‘s sad actually .
    And Karma got him anyway – he sings“I am a god ? Lol no he isn‘t he just he is .That is money 💰 and ego .-.what does he think ?he is a better person bc he is Kanye west ? No definetly not -he first have to apologize on Taylor Swift for blaming her on stage in public, and people should let God be God and Kanye west is Kanye west same with all musicans and famous people they- are -not -God ,just humans all together

    There is just one GOD and he is good ,always.

  6. @BathTimeAna I agree! Hardcore stans refuse to look at other perspectives and I feel they often try to mould who/what they’re stanning to fit their expectations. I understand the desire to see people /TV Shows or films you like to take a direction you enjoy but I wish they were more open to seeing new things from different angles. Also, wish they would understand that celebs/TV show and film producers have a wide audience that they have to entertain and not just the stans. Average fans might like the things stans don’t.

  7. Newyorkcity317,
    I get what you’re saying. Famous people shouldn’t be treated different to anyone else. Why should they deserve any more respect than a hard-working, single mum etc. The world is fucked up and many people are too stuck in their own fantasy lands to realise that.


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