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Can stress be good for you?

Under pressure: how stress can change our lives for the better


Stress and emotional tension tends to be associated with distress – but a form called ‘eustress’ can be healthy and productive




  1. Depends on the amount of stress and the situation you’re in… I think stress can push you further, maybe out of your comfort zone, but too much stress for a longer period of time can make you ill…

  2. I think Happiness leads to success without any stress. And not success to happiness…that‘s is the MOST important I think.

    If you are in full abundance and joyful state of mind of acceptance, you can achieve anything ,without stress…of course doing failures is totally ok 👌🏻…,from this you are learn

    …if we talking of Stress ,I think Stress is just making by your own mind &and thought – because everything starts with a thought .you always have the choice what you are thinking ,and that leads to an emotion ..,and bc of the emotion you take action or not.

  3. Ps: Stress just makes wrinkles lol and make you look 10 Years older than you actually are 😂🤯 so why stressing ? No ,not me 😝

    take it easy 😄👍🏼
    (The Eagels) 🎸

  4. That doesn‘t mean I can‘t work under stress ,i just don‘t need it. also i think pressure vs. stress there is a difference. Stress is for example ,if you maybe have to manage work and bring your kids to school ,going to the grocery store are maybe stressed out bc of time but, you can set your own time to manage all this but ,pressure is ,when someone maybe tells you at work you have to sell 100products per week if not you get fired,that‘s pressure .you have no choice of flexibility ,horror imagination i think🤯😩😱I don‘t need no stress and no pressure 😄if you are doing yoga you can do everything in a relaxed state of mind ,it‘s also good for the Health …

  5. I think Stress in any form is totally not good for the health. Many people die earlier because of it. You have to be in a full happy and relaxed state of mind and get out of the comfort zone anyways ,to achieve what you want to by learning and figuring out .
    Most people understand that wrong ,they beat theirself up to a point where they need to THINK they need the pressure and stress to get that goal..and are so hard to themselves by pushing because they think the must achieve it to get this real happiness after it …That‘s totally wrong. That‘s why many peole are not really happy ..bc if the goal is just achieve they need the next goal but are totally stressed out maybe …
    I think,
    You can change everything you want in your life from a place of Happiness, full abundance and Accepting and (not avoiding or hiding)relaxed mind,without any stress or pressure .. . That‘s leads to REAL Happiness

  6. Love this. For me, this article is on point about how my body responds to different types of stressors.

    I MUST stay busy or have impending deadlines or have some sort of (what others perceive as) “stress” in my life. I’ve learned that I enjoy it. I grow from it. When my life has been easy going, I literally lay on the couch in depression. Really bad depression. It feels like my brain is rotting away. Like I am contributing nothing to this world.

    I’m not advocating for continuous stress, certainly not emotional or social stress because that can be just as disabling. I am advocating for a shift in our way of thinking that creates stress as an opportunity to create something new for others or in ourselves ❤ “It’s darkest before the dawn.” Ride through the rough night knowing that the sun will come❤😚

  7. bruh stress fcking sucks. the 3 essays are putting hella stress on me and this isn’t leading to any good. stress—> acne, lack of sleep, wrinkles, over eating, increased weight, EVIL

  8. I agree with PezJordan. I will definitely be keeping this article in mind when I stress about stress.

  9. Constant stress is not good, but sometimes stress fuels my passion to get things done. I operate best under stress. It gives me something similar to euphoria.

  10. Where are new topics 😄? Mr.Smith? Is this society or what 🙊🤪 no? Where are you hiding Mister

  11. I am no one’s friend. I know too much for friendship. Be glad that you will never be burdened with the knowledge that I have. My curse is to live forever, knowing what has been and what has yet to be, powerless to change anything.

  12. As someone who currently doesn’t have/know necessary tools to deal with anxiety, I fucking freeze at the smallest blindspots.


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