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Could you change the world?

The '3.5% rule': How a small minority can change the world


Ordinary people, all the time, are engaging in pretty heroic activities that are actually changing the way the world – and those deserve some notice and celebration as well.


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Doom Days Society Member Submission .helsWells


  1. I believe yes, we can change the world if people unite and, as mentioned in the article, hold peaceful protests. The world could do with some adjustments- and who’s to say that the 3.5% can’t make that happen?

  2. A change is all I could do I feel nihilistic and empty towards the world so even if I did help change it would it even mean anything? If we stop climate change people will still be beaten starved and murdered by the rich. So sure I would love to help change the world but we need to change a whole lot

  3. I agree that a lot has to change. But if everyone thinks this and therefore just keeps going, we will never change. So I am in the opinion that each one of us should makes changes in their everyday life. Might it be that you recycle, eat less meat, avoid plastic, help others, donate money. Yes it is important to raise your voice and protest, but that doesn’t help if you just go home and continue like before. Let‘s start and change the world to a better place. And most important enjoy our time on this nevertheless beautiful planet and amazing music 🌊

  4. Sometimes it’s difficult to feel like you have any power to change things in life and on a significant level that could effect and help benefit people globally. I also feel changing the world for the better is incredibly difficult as it takes larger groups such as peaceful protesters to make a slight change while to make a more negative or malicious change you just need one person to make a massive impact to the world. This is why I find it difficult to believe that any one ordinary person can make a global impact but I don’t think people should loose hope because of that as I think people become discouraged because they feel it’s too much of a stretch to make a global impact but that shouldn’t stop people from making positive impacts on a local scale to them and allow that to encourage more people to become better humans.

  5. Reading the article, I was interested in the definition of a “success” as a regime change. I would argue that real change takes a great deal more than just replacing the government with a new one. The things I hope to see change in the coming decades are not political, they are societal. I hope we can all live our lives without harming the ecosystem we are a part of. I hope we can change the way we think and act to truly realize acceptance. I hope we can eliminate hunger and war. Societal change seems to be a painfully slow process and requires much more than one protest, but I do have hope that we can achieve it.

  6. The article points out very interesting facts & results. The reason why so many people feel they are powerless is thinking they are alone in their opinion .The moment they realise a small number of people can bring other people to think about their actions , opinions or behaviour is huge.

  7. Thanks @.heIsWells for the article.

    Big YES!!!

    Although my heart hurts from reading this article, (this made me remember the Families Belong Together rally I attended in Los Angeles — I even tried to Google what % of the population attended the rallies all over the US/world), … there are some truly amazing, ordinary people who are helping others.

    One quick example, did anyone read the news’ article about how ICE attempted to bring a Tennessee man into custody, on July 22, but neighbors stepped in to stop them? — They changed the world for that particular family, and spread the importance of supporting our neighbors.

  8. I wanted to write a new comment on this subject as I feel my views have changed since I last wrote on here. My first comment I honestly believed it is impossible to be able to change the world as just one person but after seeing Greta Thunberg do everything she has accomplished and how she’s got everyone thinking about our future while being only 16 I really do think any one person is able to make a difference and Greta is a amazing example of how we can change the world


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