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Could you eat after reading this?

Don’t Eat Before Reading This



A New York chef spills some trade secrets.



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Doom Days Society Member Submission Mars30


  1. Hahaha funny and shocking article but ,I think it‘s everywhere like this not just in NY.. especially in the Tourist Restaurants the Food is the baddest 😂 (i think )the Tourists think :wow!🙊
    But everywhere it is like this actually. Kitchen is ,when not at home a dangerous risk thing ,I think.It‘s like you go on a rollercoaster or something ,you never know if you get out and you are alive ,the thing can stop or break 🙊 I mean ,when we read the statistics of Funkparks how many people die…
    Anyway ..
    I think the best thing is to cook fresh at home of course 😎👍🏼

    But anyway I like burgers 🍔 and Co ,all kind of fast food 🙊eating outside as well in good restaurants 😍😄👍🏼 The whole life is a risk actually ,even in love you have to risk something ..🤷🏻‍♀️🙊😄😎 But it‘s also very important of course to know about an article like this ,no questions about it Mr.Smith🙊🤣👍🏼😱

  2. Well, I mean it’s all kind of expected when you eat out. Especially if it’s a tourist restaurant, they just want your money.

  3. I knew about this, it’s not new to me. Therefore, I cook at home. In very rare cases I go to restaurants.


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