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Did capitalism destroy UK club culture?

Beats and bills: how capitalism destroyed UK club culture


A love letter to ’90s rave


In the new film Beats, director Brian Welsh travels back to 1990s Aberdeen to tell the story of rave culture – why it mattered, and how it got torn apart.


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Doom Days Society Member Submission @LysVanSand


  1. Capitalism actually destroys everything. I work in science and here I see that everyday. It just counts if you can make money with it. I personally think that capitalism prevents change, progress, creativity, intelligent development and happiness. It shouldn’t be the driving force of our society.

  2. [Thank you @LysVanSand, for the article!]

    I have to admit something, I Googled a bit on the subject (capitalism and raves), after reading this article, because I was not sure where I stood on the subject.

    Okay, so… in my humble opinion, I don’t agree capitalism destroyed UK club culture.

    — In this particular instance, with capitalism comes 1)Organization, 2)Safety, and 3)Improvement.


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