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Did you know 1984 turned 70?

The New Yorker: “1984” at Seventy: Why We Still Read Orwell’s Book of Prophecy

"A trivial example is when we click “I Agree” on the banner explaining our app’s new privacy policy. We did not know what the old privacy policy was; we feel fairly certain that, if we read the new one, we would not understand what has changed or what we are giving away. We suspect everyone else just clicks the box. So we click the box and dream of a world in which there are no boxes to click. A non-trivial example is when your electoral process is corrupted by a foreign power and your government talks about charging the people who tried to investigate this interference with treason. That’s Orwellian. And it’s no longer a prophecy. It’s a headline."


  1. Oh wow that’s crazy! I just click on the “I agree.” People have an insane amount of trust in their devices. I wonder if it will get to a point where people of authority use the information and data against the common people.

  2. Saw the title, and immediately began to doubt everything I’d learnt in Year 12 Math.

  3. 1984 for all it’s over the head scenarios got one thing right. We are always watched, and we give our privacy in hope of better security

  4. favourite shirt i own: “make Orwell fiction again.” I think I – and so many other people – have reached a point of apathy about our own privacy. It takes so much effort to ensure it, and how much does added privacy really benefit us? Or are these just thoughts I have because I’ve been conditioned to do so? 1984 is such an excellent book, but I think the warning has been lost on so many of us…including myself.

  5. This book has been on my reading list for so long, thanks for finally giving me the nude to push it up my reading list. @lunkaz we should read it at the same tome and compare notes. I hope that atting people works on this platform otherwise I’m going to look a right div haha

  6. Back when te future was 1984 , now we have 2019 and we trust our devices with everything and lost the ability to be indepenedent most of the time.Agreeing to the terms seems so easy And normal.

  7. I love New York ❤️ I always miss this city .I want to live there but it‘s impossible lol i think

  8. Ps: I didn‘t read this book but I will 👍🏼😄🤓 have you seen the New York drawing book so cool


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