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Did you know that elephants are fighting climate change?

Hungry elephants fight climate change one mouthful at a time.



But is all this munching actually good for climate change?



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  6. It doesn’t surprise me that elephants are doing more about climate change than us. Maybe if humans actually fucking stopped poaching, then there would be enough elephants to combat climate change and turn it around (lions, tigers and rhinos would have better chance of survival too) But I wouldn’t count on it. At this rate, mankind is going to be the chief destroyer of the planet- not the greatest title to hold. I guess politicians still don’t care though.

  7. This is so cool. It’s so sad that wild animals such as the elephant are in decline, they really do drive the earth’s ecosystem, such a shame humans won’t stop destroying nature ๐Ÿ˜”

  8. Itโ€™s the sad truth. Humans have been ruining the environment in more ways than we can ever know. All we can do is hope now

  9. if humans just left animals alone and didnโ€™t kill them off, we wouldnโ€™t have to sacrifice so much to fix a dying planet

  10. Anyone else feel a dagger to the chest when they read the words ‘climate change’? It hurts that the thing that could (and is going to) kill us isn’t being given the attention and action it urgently needs – instead, Brexit and now Bojo (Can’t quite believe this happened tbh) are on our screens all the damn time. It hurts and infuriates me that some people with the power to make major changes towards helping OUR planet don’t believe in climate change. It hurts that a lot of my generation believe our future has been cut short even though they’ve barely just begun and have a very short time left before everything goes to shit. This whole thing just hurts.

  11. @Night More like a dagger to the heart? Yes

    — At least for me, here in the US, it’s sad how some people (mostly Republicans [offending won’t get me anywhere, but here we are….]) won’t open their eyes and see that climate change is real — how they should vote for someone who has the power to implement major changes to save the planet. I still remember when Trump won back in 2016, speechless is a way to describe how I felt, now am just scared but also expecting the worst.

  12. I didn’t know elephants are fighting climate change, but am not surprised. We can definitely learn from animals and their behaviors, some are very smart. It’s unfortunate their population is declining, and it’s our fault.


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