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Does inequality make you angry?

'99% invisible'


The fact that crash-test dummies are based on the ‘average’ male is just one example of design that forgets about women and puts lives at risk.



We found this to be an interesting and thought-provoking listen, what do you think?


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Extract from ‘Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men’ by Caroline Criado Perez.

Photograph: Kellie French/The Guardian.


  1. It is actually also very common in drug testing to just test it in male. In te end that puts women and also children at risk. It is nothing that specifically makes me angry (just in the case of paying gap actually), but surprising how society sticks to this whole concept..for example when a couple gets a child, unexpected if the father takes parental leave and not the mother, right?

  2. it irritates me, but probably not too angry. the idea that a cis, white, abled, male is the norm for a lot of medical stuff is honestly irritating, seeing as studies show that women, poc, and trans people are undiagnosed more often. same with these crash test dummies, medical diagrams, and so much more. people need to open up their minds a bit.

  3. It‘s defintely better for the tolerance limit to have better statistics, to produce better cars. If not they have to produce cars for women and cars for men 😄🤷🏻‍♀️.. but I already read in 2018 the started to produce individual crash test dummies (older ,bigger ,women kids etc..) i‘m not angry about this . Cars are not good for climate anyway ..I like driving but I hate parking lol so .Riding a bike or walking would be the best solution ..hahaha ..) But when we speak of the gender pay gap still we can see women are underpaid 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe for some reason like part -time working mostly …but,that‘s not all reasons.

  4. So many women do same work and get underpaid ,just bc man have this rational analytical strong attitude ,that‘s all – women have this too and are even more emotional ,get baby’s..🤷🏻‍♀️ I also wish the new President will be a Woman 😄I mean when we look at trump 😱 we see the future is female 😄😎💪🏻

  5. Women just should do their thing ,and don‘t feel provoked by men.😂🙊
    And mostly not define themselves „just by a man“✨this is very Important 😎

  6. A good series is Mrs.Maisel on Amazon prime ,about self-realization of women ,very funny jokes 😄👍🏼It plays in that time where women couldn’t choose to be ,what they wanted to be…
    Have you watched maybe ,Mr.Smith ? D it’s so cool 😎

  7. Sorry again out of the context ,lol .eh i‘m trying to get shorter with typing but ,or i better shut up 😂🙊

  8. @Newyorkcity317💋🙊 Great points, totally agree with you…. And thanks for the TV show recommendation.

  9. Looking at this, reports like these seem to be more prevalent in this day and age. For most studies, whether medical or not, the model seems to be white, cis males when in reality our world is much more diverse. For example, in medical studies about birth, the model is none times out of ten going to be a white, cis, female and because of those certain aspects being the standard and not adjusting to how the world is now (which is much more diverse), people can suffer. It’s because of standards like that, black women are more likely to die during childbirth than white women. Just because there is a commonality among one group of people does not mean that commonality applies to all groups of people and when a standard is set based off of a certain group of people and there are multiple groups of people not included, especially in health and safety, it essentially means that whoever is setting the standards does not value those that are not included.

  10. Yes! 😡 Women are used to figuring out how to function in a world that isn’t designed for them and it is frustrating. All we want is to be heard and taken seriously but the majority of the world still thinks women should be subservient. As discussed, we aren’t considered in the development of policies or design (fucking mental). Women often go undiagnosed and are dismissed as being hysterical or just overreacting. Argh! I could go on and on. 😤
    Also 100% agree with @Anaila!

  11. @Anaila and @Leanne- I couldn’t have said it any better. In a world that’s supposed to be ‘equal’ there seems to be a shitload of prejudice and inequality, resulting in discrimination and an unfair society for anyone who isn’t a ‘standard white male’. Fucking hell, it makes me angry, especially when I see that lota of the most powerful people in the world are discriminatory and sexist beyond belief

  12. @Newyorkcity317💋🙊 Quick question, though, what do you mean by this:

    “Women just should do their thing ,and don‘t feel provoked by men.😂🙊 And mostly not define themselves „just by a man“✨this is very Important 😎”
    — Do you mean like we should take initiative, ourselves. And speak out against outdated ideas typically establish by men?

  13. And yes, thinking about inequality DOES make me feel frustrated and angry, (along with the excuses, and the insults made towards women… especially this point she made: “And I suppose one of the things that makes me most angry is that it’s sort of thinking about how many drugs for women have we missed out on because they didn’t work for men when we started testing them?”).

    But then I am thankful for people like Caroline Criado Perez. She is speaking up, and we are getting answers, and she is making people reflect and take action– this gives me hope.

    I just want people to become aware of this problem, and know the solution is simple. Ask Women What They want! And conduct sex disaggregated data.

    Added her book to my to-read list, followed her on Twitter, and subscribed to this podcast, thanks!

  14. Sure, the inequalities are real . No even based on gender but also races . In my country, in some certain cases, minorities get the best benefits than majorities . Don’t get me started on gender role. You know how much bullshit I’ve to put up just because I’m a girl?? Boys get away way too easy but girls, we barerly breath.

  15. One of the most surprising and concerning instances of gender inequality that I’ve heard of recently is in the field of head trauma. There is a decent amount of evidence that concussions affect women much differently than they do men, but the vast majority of research in the field is conducted on men because the funding comes from sports like American football. The most painful part of this is that domestic abuse victims – mostly women – who experience repeated head receive less effective treatment.

    For more information on the subject, see Hana Walker-Brown’s book, The Beautiful Brain

  16. IT is frustrating and sad being a woman trying to have same rights and also being understood that women have the responsability of rising children and being professional.

  17. I am an engineer, buy I am a woman and I’ve to fight to prove I am good at work….buy in the end when they seek for an engineer they choose a man…

  18. I never really saw it that way but now that the thought’s in my head, yea it does make me a little angry :/


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