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Have you heard the new Bon Iver album?

Have you heard the new Bon Iver album?


What do you think?

Let us know what you’re listening to in the comments below.


  1. YES! faith and Hey, Ma are beautiful but the whole album is a masterpiece 🙌🏻
    other than that i started listening to a bit more of James Bay after seeing him last week

  2. Love it ! I listened to it a few times since I found it on spotify.It’s such a relaxing album ,I enjoy listening to it while sunrise or in the night time. Naeem & Faith are very beautiful. Love the previous album as well

  3. Shit. I went to delete the “box” cause fucking auto correct doesn’t like good music, and i left the comment instead.

  4. ehem. Yes, I can’t get enough of it. I’ve always been a big fan, and I live right near where they came from, which is really cool that someone from a small area like this can get so big and make such great music. Such an inspiration

  5. Yes. Bon Iver is so relaxing, compared to a lot of other artists I listen to. I quite like Hey, Ma.

  6. I haven’t heard it, but from everyone else’s reaction, I’ll give it a play and see what I think.

  7. Don‘t be so serious Mr.Smith..🤪 (joking ✋🏼 🙊.

    Not yet ,is it good ?

    I‘m persuade you now ,to listen to SHEA BUTTER BABY by Ari Lennox feat.J .Cole

    End of this Novel 🥶

  8. It’s got such a nice flow to it! There’s so many good songs, but “Salem” is my personal favorite.

  9. I listened to the new album yet and I think 👉🏼Sh‘Diah😎is niceee bc of the saxophone 🎷 😍👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼Which one do you like except the whole album ?👻😉😄

  10. The fact that this album ends off Bon Iver’s quartet of the four seasons—and with such a different sound than his wintry debut—makes me question what bigger projects he has lying in store for the future.


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