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How do you experience time?

Bilinguals perceive time differently​, study finds.



In a recent study, it has been shown that people who speak two different languages experience time differently.



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  1. My first language is conceptually similar to English, with some few structure variations here and there, so yeah, my perception of time isn’t as cool.

    Although, being a hikikimori gave me some funky warped time perception. Some days are visceral, some the mind skims through.

    Also, I don’t know where to share this but ever since I was a child, I zoom in and out spatially (like zooming out of my house in Google Earth to galaxy, to universe) and scrub back and forth chronologically (like going through my grandmother and then her mother, then her mother; imagining they’re the same age as me). And I would stop an dial back once I get too terrified of how far I went. I still sometimes to this when I’m bored or needed a thrill. Silly kids stuff, you know.


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