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The Bizarre Phenomenon of Subliminal YouTube Videos


Millions of people think watching "subliminals" will make them grow taller and manifest money, but some say YouTubers are hiding dark messages in their videos.






Doom Days Society Member Submission @Lizzle


  1. Although..,next to reading books , i like to watch ASMR at nights sometimes 🤣 hairbrushing or so lol 😆 so relaxing somehow,when I can‘t sleep ..

  2. Ps: I‘m really sorry for typing too much always,i work on this , to put everything in one compact message.😆🙊 it‘s just that ,mostly I think too far about your questions and then and I have one more thing in my head (sometimes too impulsive I know🥴✋🏼Sorryy) and want to type it ,to just talk about it and not just leave one sentence here 😆stupid habit of me sorry .hope you don’t mind🤭 also here should be some space for other messages from people 🙊

  3. Haaa, I went from just finding out this was a thing –> to thinking I would never do this, but if it works for someone, go ahead, why not?! –> to changing my mind, and thinking no one should do this.

    The brain IS a powerful thing. We need to be careful, and not mess with something we don’t fully understand and comprehend. You could say this about anything, but with these [negative] reactions/effects, I would stay away.

    Thanks @Lizzle, for submitting this! ☺️

  4. (Ps 2: I think doing Yoga is a very good decision 😄😍👍🏼 have you tried ,Dr.Dan?🥼🏥😄😎)


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