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Its 2019. How do you listen to your music?

iTunes is officially no more


With the latest macOS update, the music player has been shut down and split into three separate apps: Apple TV, Apple Music, and Podcasts





  1. Music I listen mostly on Spotify and Soundcloud some albums on Apple Music.The best time i’m enjoing listening music is my Lp’s home 😄 but then always something chilly blues /jazz or hip hip /black or soundtracks on LP 😄or something like very old vintage music like Jo Stafford or country like Johnny cash and westcoast Music like The eagles or Don Henley I very like to listen to on a LP.But also new chilly music .
    Concerts and Festivals are the best to listen music isn‘t it?festivals more ,to find new music also , I would say …🤔😎
    I also love podcasts😍mostly on a Sunday ,or in the train sometimes ,or when brushing teeth’s in the bathroom or while cooking .
    i‘m now listening to a podcast called : “the life coach school podcast “ have you maybe listened to ,Mr.Smith?🙊😎👌🏻It‘s good

  2. Ps: I also think music dvd‘s should have a bigger comeback 😍 I just remember watching MJ thriller music Dvd🎞🍿✨it was so good in the 90s wasn’t it?:)

  3. Oh i forgot !I also listen very much on 📻 in the kitchen 😍👌🏻Very very much …,and in the car mostly CDs.🚗🙊 something I can‘t choose where to listen music first 😂in 2019we have too many options

  4. I have big collection of CDs. It’s kind of a ritual for me to approach the shelf, pick an album, put it on and enjoy the music. Of course when I’m on the go I use streaming but I wouldn’t exchange the physical copies for anything.

  5. Mostly streaming on Apple Music. I still buy cds for albums/artists I love. I used to buy them on iTunes as well sometimes, that way I actually owned them. I recently also started a vinyl collection.

  6. I:

    Use Spotify, but mostly for songs an EPs, but not much for albums.

    Use physical media in the form of vinyl records and cassettes.

    Use CDs, which I rip to my computer and then put on my phone, as well as listening directly to them, for most of my album listening habits.

  7. I use streaming on my phone and laptop sometimes, but usually listen to tapes on my Walkman or in the car

  8. I have a Spotify subscription so that I can listen to music wherever I am but I also buy the CDs of almost all albums that I like and also vinyl for records that I like in particular.

  9. I’m s bit ashamed but I’ll admit, I mostly download albums and play it on an offline music player on my phone, because I currently can’t afford any kind of expense. Plus, ads break my immersion, they pull me back fom the surface, which I try not to get reminded of these days. And I still like the idea of owning something for myself, albeit digital. I love looking at album covers to pull me in.

  10. I legit went through my paragraph a few times to proofread and yet I missed one freaking letter! Lol.


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