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Mosquitoes, friend or foe?!

We May Soon Be Able to Wipe Out Mosquitos – But at What Cost?



New technology might allow for a manmade extinction of the malaria-carrying pest.





  1. The best is ,when you want to go to sleep ,read a book or somethin’ and then this “bzzzzzz Sound ,I love it !😂😝 this friend never leaves you lol

  2. Always thinking about Bryan Cranston breaking bad scene ,when he tries to catch the fucking fly lol 😂😂that is me

  3. Wiping out Malaria? Sure! Wiping out mosquitoes? maybe not. I believe everything is part of everything and wiping out things that are here in the circle of life is never a good idea. Balance is the key. I just wish there would be less of these annoying-only-biting-on-the-left-side-of-my-body creatures, you know?

  4. Honestly, I’m down for the eradication of those bloodsucking abominations. But I do have concern over how ecosystems would actually be affected. 🤔

  5. I find it incredible that we have the ability to alter the genes & genetic makeup of pretty much any organism, but can’t find a way to affect the infection/diseases that they carry. Purposely wiping out any species is fucking awful. Our ecosystem is resting on a knife edge as it is.


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