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What are you reading at the moment?


  1. Currently reading Stanley Kubrick: Interviews. Thanks for these recs! The Mosquito sounds interesting. 🤔

  2. I’m actually reading 1984 at the moment, which I feel is very appropriate nowadays considering the current state of America.

  3. Waiting for the last book of the Nevernight series by Jay Kristoff. (If you like sarcastic fantasy novel on a very high level, highly recommend this).

    Whilst waiting I read Sapiens by Yval Noah Harari and The World Without Us by Alan Weisman.

  4. i’ve just finished reading 1984, now i’m reading a little life by hanya yanagihara – a friend recommended it to me and i’m really enjoying it!

  5. I just started In The Unlikely Event by Judy Blume (fiction) & also Good and Mad by Rebecca Traister (bleakly non-fiction). Gotta have that balance. 😀

  6. Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain

    I appreciate the inspiration, as I am always on the lookout for new reading.

  7. I’m also reading 1984, fun fact, this is my first book ever that I’m reading, I am not really into books, I have only read the bare minimum for school ’til now. I heard about the book 1984 a lot on the internet and made me curios so I decided to give it a try.

  8. i’m about to finish the poisonwood bible which, despite being about a painful topic, turned out to be incredibly well written and a little too close to home at certain points. i’m also about to start this little life by hanya yanagihara which i’ve only heard good things about

  9. the picture of dorian gray and a small book filled with lovely italian poems i found on a flea market (even though my italian sucks) ‘nel bosco davanti al sole’ (‘in the forest ahead of the sun’)

  10. Reading The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, an insightful book about the system in the early 1800s, and the suffering of the lower classes. The worries
    the painters, as well as their families, have weigh down the reader as much as the people themselves. Enjoying it, would recommend for anyone wanting to learn more about the real state of England in those times.

  11. I’m reading noughts and crosses. It’s about racism fear and mourning violence. Great read 🙂

  12. Charlie Huston: the mystic arts of erasing all signs of death, loving it. Getting some how Fight Club wibes from it. Not the story but how is it told.

  13. I’m presently reading Runaway by Harlan Coben. We have a Meet the Authors event once in a while where I work and Harlan was the featured author back in April. He was wonderful and it peeked my interest in his work. I will definitely take a look at your recommendations!!

  14. Divided: Why we’re living in an age of walls – Tim Marshall
    Super interesting so far! Would definitely recommend 🤩

  15. Been reading the Noughts and Crosses series by Malory Blackman recently. They are very tense. Plus there is a certain point at the end of book one which totally fits with Another Place. Loved it even more when I found that.

  16. I’m reading ‘ravens’ by George Dawes Green, and about to start ‘dry’ by Neal and Jarrod Shusterman

  17. just finished Fahrenheit 451 loved it, currently reading clockwork orange not as big of a fan but gonna finish it x

  18. Ill Will by Dan Chaon. Strange, Psychotic, terrifing, oniric.It seems a Lynch’s film

  19. Currently reading Scythe by Neal Shusterman and then hoping to pick up The Red Scrolls is Magic by Cassandra Clare next

  20. Just started reading “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Not sure if I like it, byt i guess I’ll finish it anyway…

  21. Hahaha The picture with The hat and the cloud ☁️ 😂👍🏼Lol. Mr.Smith you joker 🙊🤪..hahaha

    I‘m reading 5books at the same time. 😬and i‘m buying more 🤣stupid or ? It‘s a habit you know ?

    Ah , reading atm..?, 1.Ben Courson – OPTIMISFITS 👍🏼😍(about Jesus and so ,really good fast reading actually . Especially the Science chapter, for people who love watching stars and so…🤩 I love this book)

    2. still Michelle Obama‘s -Becoming (it‘s so isn‘t it?🥶)

    3. The Bibel ( ..If i‘m doing my coffee in the morning 😂🤣stupid habit of me actually …)

    4. The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer (..especially when you are an Overthinker :D(like me🙊 ) you should read it! 😄👍🏼

    5.i also can recommend Bryan Cranston‘s -A life in parts😎👍🏼 so funny and wise short stories in it ,about self-realization,family and love 😍

    Ps: How Are you ,Mr.Smith? Everything alright ? When are we talking about topics like Love ?😄🤭🙊(joking ✌🏼

  22. Correction !on Michelle Obama‘s book ..I mean ,..,it‘s so thick the book😅 )

  23. Ah ps! I‘m also reading “The Prophet“ by Khalil Gibran from time to time i mean ..very wise book👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  24. I’m reading « Thinking, fast and slow » which is about how we make decisions and I just finished « This is not a drill » by Extinction Rebellion. Next on my list is « Sapiens ».

  25. I’m currently reading the Millenium trilogy. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was mind blowing, and I’m finding The Girl who Played with Fire captivating

  26. I’m reading The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes, the Man Booker Prize winner for 2011. I’m only a few pages into it but I can already see why it won.

  27. I’ve been reading pretty much every book Ruth Ware has written. Her writing makes you question the character of every character in her books until you have both loved AND become wary and suspicious of every one of them and can’t even trust your own judgement anymore

  28. Currently reading “The lucifer effect” by Philip zimbardo. I started this book when I was doing my psychology a level but still have yet to completely finish. It goes into detail about the Stanford prison experiment that took place in 1971 which was done to see how people conform to roles given to them. It then goes into the idea of how honest good people can be induced to behave immorally. Long book but so interesting

  29. Graduates in Wonderland: The International Misadventures of Two (Almost) Adults by Jessica Pan and Rachel Kapelke-Dale.

    — Thanks for the links, I added ‘Remember This When You’re Sad: Lessons Learned on the Road from Self-Harm to Self-Care by Maggy van Eijk’, to my to-read list.

  30. I’m reading Pure by Julianna Baggott. Pure is a post-apocalyptic fiction that takes place after a nuclear catastrophic event that separated soicety into Pure (those physically unaffected by the event) and Wretches (those that were maimed or physically affected by the event). It’s the first book of a three part series. I’ve read it before but I love to reread a book to catch all the things I missed the first time.

  31. Currently reading Sex & Rage by Eve Babitz. Just recently finished Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde because it’s reference so often in TV, film and music (including yours) and I needed to find out what all the fuss was about! ♡

  32. I‘m currently reading “ The toy makers”, but some books I can absolutely re-read every other week are those of the Monster Hunter series by Larry Correia. Starts with Monster Hunter International, for anyone interested^^. Also, “ Bluescreen” is amazing, albeit a bit disturbing too.
    I’m also proof reading my writing every day xD

  33. I’m currently reading A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. Hanya has such beautiful descriptive power, I’m in love with it

  34. I Know it‘s „kids books“ but I still enjoy reading Rick Riordans Book series so much. Demogods, Gods fallen to earth and dealing with being mortal. I think it all has something and I think it can make you think and theorize about a lot of that stuff too. It‘s also just super fun to read.

  35. I recently finished The Passage Trilogy by Justin Cronin. I highly recommend these books. They are really good and also fit to the theme of Doom Days. These books make you think about society, life and the purpose of it.

  36. Ah🙊I forgot ! when I was in Italy in June ,I wanted to read something short and easy to read (as you know my English🤷🏻‍♀️🙈isn‘t the best lol) for the Beach and before sleeping 💤 so i got recommended an Italian book called“ Me and You “ by Niccolo Ammaniti. “I never fitted in ,she didn‘t either“..) – it mostly plays Italy 😍I love Italian Novels,actually everything about Italy .Have you read books of Fabio volo ? “One more Day“ is older but , so romantic 😍…

  37. Also,what do you think of songs in there Stories of books?😄 i totally love a story where a song is maybe in it .I always go and search for that song right away 😅- if I don‘t know the song i mean ..)Are you doing this too maybe ? It‘s the same with food receipts or cities:D I mean have you kind of stupid habits while reading a book?😄 something like reading the last page first 🤣or something ? Or are you the classic Reader 🙊

  38. I mean ,when I read the Italian book as I said by Niccolo Ammaniti – me and you ) I found a song on page 53- called : “ “ancora tu“ by Lucio Battisti (an Italian legendary singer I read then..) which i didn‘t knew before after that I searched for the song on Spotify 😅then for the meaning of the song (translation)then read about the musicians whole life on Wikipedia 😂🤣then his wife‘s life ..and so on …- are you also this kind of Reader who likes to see the details ,or are you just reading..and reading eating a haribo that‘s it ..and so 😂or how you read I want to know ..🙊

  39. I just finished reading A Fault in Our Stars for the first time. And part of the reason I mention it is the expectations people have for what you should read or what makes a good book. Because a few people gave me grief for reading a YA book. Because I’m a smidge older than the characters. The comments roughly saying “isn’t that a teen romance?” Which yes, I guess it is. But that’s not why I picked it up. I wanted to read it because i was curious how the author would have the characters approach life in the face of death and dying. And also (and I’m so glad my nickname here isn’t anything like my nickname anywhere else), I’m a mom whose son had surgery to remove a tumor when he was little. And while he is better than okay now – just a scar remains – I think about how lucky he is – how lucky we are – and how easily things could have gone the other way.

    The other reason for mentioning the book? It’s quite well written and thought-provoking. If you haven’t read it yet, try it.

  40. I will start to read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but I just finished The Demigod Diaries by Rick Riordan.

  41. Not currently reading anything as I’ve just finished Fahrenheit 451 and I’m too broke to buy new books 😔 But the next on my list is ‘This Is Going to Hurt’ by Adam Kay.

  42. “Ida, a Sword Among Lions,” a biography of Ida B. Wells, a female and African American journalist who campaigned against lynching. Amazing, but written by an academic and can be slow.
    “The Tangled Tree,” about molecular genetic research and the quest to understand the origins of life on earth. Fabulous and gripping storytelling.

  43. I’m reading The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins, as a part om my biology studies, but i think this book is a book everybody can read and find it illuminating. He writes in a way that makes you feel smart. The same is for Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari that i saw was mentioned here. Sapiens is truly a book everybody should read.

  44. Currently Reading Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. Absolutely stunning so far. Recently purchased Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, and since many of you seem to like it, I think I’ll make it my next.

  45. Alright, kinda annoyed half the comments are by the same nyc317 person, but here’s the books I’m reading in a minimal, non-subjective quick post:

    -Jorge Luis Borges’s COLLECTED FICTIONS
    -Steve Erickson’s THE SEA CAME IN AT MIDNIGHT
    -A. R. Moxon’s THE REVISIONARIES (kinda like a Neon Godfather with conspiracy-galore something like a Pynchon novel).

    Also, love the (possible) illusion to Milan Kindera’s THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING, with the cloud and the hat.


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