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One giant ... lie? Why so many people still think the moon landings were faked.



It all started with a man called Bill Kaysing and his pamphlet about ‘America’s $30bn swindle’ ...



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  1. What the fuck? How can people be so blatantly dumb and disrespectful? Anyone who thinks that the Holocaust, moon landings etc. were fake is a piece of shit. People lost their lives on these missions, as mentioned in the article, and saying that they were all hoaxes is completely disrespecting their deaths. I didn’t realise people were so fucking thick.

    That’s just what I think.

  2. I find conspiracy theories and unsolved mysteries deeply fascinating, but I rarely believe them. I think we went to the moon. I fully agree with Bronwen’s comments.

  3. although I can see the entertainment value of the faked moon landing conspiracies it’s absolutely ludicrous to suggest that the holocaust didn’t happen

  4. There are so many unsolved myths about the landing. There’s a german science group that are likely to solve all those. In 2021 they’ll bring a rover to the moon to prove the moon landing and every idiot who actually believes those myths can see that it happened

  5. as interesting as conspiracies like these are, to me at least, they remain just that: conspiracies. not to mention the blatant disrespect people have to think things like the Holocaust weren’t real, that’s bullshit. straight up. shit from the bull.

  6. Conspiracy theories are very interesting, but can be so far from reality. Some things do not add up to the moon landings but that true with everything.

  7. Here’s a really good run-down on why the moon landing was definitely real:

  8. Kubrick must have been a pretty busy guy back in 1960s…Dr. Strangelove, 2001 A space odyssey, Moon landing… 😂😩

  9. this is not anything like the Holocaust, and we can’t compare this conspiracy to that in any way. this was a race to space and we (u.s. of a boiiis) wanted to stay on top. the original tape of the moon landing was “accidentally” burned. the real only piece of evidence we have are the videos. there is a possibility that we did go to space, for sure, but the video was definitely faked. there are special effects that do a great job of making movies look like they were taken from an actual rocket in space!… but maybe that’s what it was, a movie. we have a right to question and we should! we can’t be forced to believe everything just because the government or anyone has force fed it to us. that’ll be the end of us, when we stop asking questions.

  10. The fake moon landing is one of the most annoying and most ridiculous conspiracies ever invented in my opinion, especially because supporters have very little and very superficial evidence which has been proved scientifically incorrect many times. Not to mention the fact that, as many other people here have already said, many people have sacrificed their lives to it and it seems kind of disrespectful to me.

  11. Well, there are also people that don’t believe in evolution and in some countries they aren’t even allowed to teach the truth. There will be always people that don’t believe in the truth. And that is sad.
    Did you know that there was a third person who landed on the moon, but wasn’t allowed to get out? 😱

  12. People’s stupidity and stubbornness scares me. How can there still be ignorant human beings on this planet with all this “smart” technology in front of them?

  13. Yeah it’s true there was a third person there too. The three members were Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.


    Did you know some astronauts have taken things with them from earth?
    Buzz Aldrin took wine, bread and a cup for his prayers, Neil Armstrong took a piece of wood from Wright’s aeroplane propulsor, Alan Sheppard (Apollo 14) used a sock to hide the head of a golf thing that he later attached to a tool to hit two golf balls on the moon, Charles Duke (Apollo 16) took a family photo and left it on Descartes High Lands and the most emotional one was a little aluminum human figure left by David Scott from Apollo 15 next to the names of 14 deceased astronauts and cosmonauts.

  14. This was taken from the Portuguese edition of July 2019’s issue of the National Geographic magazine that celebrates the 50 years anniversary of the moon landing. I tried my best to translate

  15. I’ve been reading about achievements in space (on the magazine I said above) and the truth is that the soviet union was way ahead of the U.S. at first.

    They started suborbital flights with canines in 1951, launched the Sputnik satelite (the first to orbit earth) in 1957, in november of 1957 launched Sputnik 2 with the first dog (Laika), also had the first man in orbit (Yuri Gagarin in 12 April 1961 and the first woman in space (Valentina Tereshkova in 16 June 1963), the first spacial walk in 1965, the fist lunar landing in history with Luna 9 (with no crew) in 1966 and finally the first spacial station “Salyut 1” launched in 19 April 1971.

    Althoug Americans also launched satelites (first one in 1958) and sent astronauts to space (Alan Shepard in 1961 and John Glenn in 1962) the only thing in which they were the first was the moon landing with people really walking on the moon in 20 July 1969.

    Only in 1975 was the beggining of the Apollo-Soyus Test Program with the participation of both the United States and the Sovietic Union.

    Honestly I’ve had my doubts but if what it says on this article on the guardian is really true (regarding the part where even russians were rooting for the Americans), then I believe that it can indeed be true. Also the race to space was so important that I think that even being behind on being the first in most important achievements doesn’t mean that the Americans couldn’t have gone to the moon for sure before anyone else.
    I think that knowing about all the previous launches with dogs and all (the first spacial flights had flies, mice, dogs, rabbits, rats and monkeys. After Laika went to space but didn’t survive the Americans sent a monkey named Ham that survived, making way for Alan Sheppard to go to space in 1961) and knowing that there was already a successful landing on the moon with Luna 9 with by the soviets in 1966 (with no humans) that it could definetly have happened.

  16. They exist so many proofs about it’s a lie.

    -Fake it- remind me all the stuff that make the people with “power” only 4 having more power. It’s sucks, Bastille.

  17. Because the people don‘t believe in theirself…and don‘t believe anything ..they don‘t believe in god ,they don‘t believe in theirself can this people believe in something ?! ? They believe nothing -this people will always find a failure ,doubt,or anything or do correction- …It‘s the values of the family again‘s start there … 🤷🏻‍♀️

  18. People are like this ,if they can touch it or see it or feel they don‘t believe 🤷🏻‍♀️It‘a the same with God,so many people just judge the church bla bla and don‘t believe anymore ,they stopped believing in god ,church or whatever ..because ,they can see God . But Wind you also 🌬 cannot see just feel -so ..Believing is a feeling 😄⭐️ Some or most people don‘t get this …they doubt 🤷🏻‍♀️ People always just see the bad -this they somehow believe ..weird or ?!

    The church is better bad than good -stupid generation

  19. Ok another topic sorry 🤭✌🏼 Lol …I should up hahahaha .eh yeah I love NASA😍 telescopes and this man on the moon 😄👍🏼😎I BELIEVE it!

  20. Ps:if the man wouldn‘t get it to the moon ,people would believe it 🤣 🤷🏻‍♀️

  21. I just know …,Those people are not as brave as the man on the moon 🌝 😄🤭😄

  22. @stillemagnolias. Adam Ruins Everything is the reason why I believe in the moon landing, haha. I love that show! (I just noticed you posted the YT video).

    I read this article a while back, and I still can’t get over the fact that Fox News has been damaging to society for a long, long time.

    As for the topic at hand, I was going to skip the article because I don’t believe the moon landing was faked/this conspiracy theory is not as damaging as others..

    … but I am glad I read the article. It’s weird/scary how it only takes one person to make people doubt an event occurred(mass murders) or doubt something like vaccines — They also end up spreading fear.

    A great point made in the article is: ‘A lot of the witnesses are passing from the scene and it’s easy for people to deny that it took place. Who is left to counteract things that are untrue?’. It’s sad in a way that we need to prove an event by documenting/writing about our experiences, but it’s necessary to avoid spreading misinformation.

    In other words, at the end of the day all we have are witness statements, and research. Which I know it’s not enough for some reason, wish it was.

  23. seriously though it’s kind of obvious the moon landing is real. it’s like flat earthers, it can literally be proved if you just open your eyes and look at the facts. humanity kind of worries me with its idiotic ideas.

  24. The suggestion of the moon landing being fake could be supported by SOME of the media coverage of the event involved in studio dramatization – a TV studio set with fake moon lander, sand etc Even had staff play astronauts.

    At the time this took place, I can only assume that someone would think that if the technology existed to move a human from earth to the moon – why not then have the technology to show it in real time, rather than fake tv studio set up?

    However, other channels and stations included some footage—unknown if could have/would have been live.

  25. I know this article is dead, but I just keep on thinking of these lyrics from Lethargy. ‘There’s an English man up in space these days
    Floating in awe and wonder
    As he broke away from the atmosphere
    And all of us non-believers’

    So Dan?


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