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Who wouldn’t want to live optimistically?

How to be more optimistic – and possibly live longer



People who look on the bright side are more likely to live longer, says a new study. But how can you make your outlook more positive?



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  1. Praying .
    And learning to appreciate what you have and beeing GODfident all in all ,😄Doing Charity is the most important..😎beeing as cool and Jesus was his Attitude is unbelievable and unconditionally..actually doing this for all of his Glory .(I would 😎⭐️ Makes happy .But at first point ,to understand how this life canbe constant,reading the Bible . Well ,that’s just my theory how it helps me ..but,I think there‘s something real in it – isn’t?:)

  2. Another good book I can recommend next to the world bestseller ✋🏼the Bible 😄⭐️Is “fish for life “👈🏼 . 🐟

    A happy long life isactually about choosing the right attitude ,every Day….🤷🏻‍♀️ It‘a not easy sometimes –

  3. Mr.Smith ,are you an
    a Pessimist😕 or
    a Realist 🤓

    just curious 😄✋🏼A bit of Everything right ?👻🙊

  4. Tal vez Dan debería seguir este consejo com sus propias canciones, amo sus letras pero a veces son jodidamente tristes.

  5. All I can do is try. I spend a lot of time worrying about stuff. I’m not an overly negative person, but it seems like a lot of people close to me just can’t see the silver linings in the bad. I think it’s really altered my view of the world. Good times will come, but the bad times really stick with you.

  6. i used to be really pessimistic (and felt hopeless from the current state of the world), so a few years back i decided to start keeping a journal where i logg all the things that made me happy for each day. it certainly hasn’t made me
    a complete optimist, but it’s really helped me to appreciate more and also just be happier with life in general. i would certainly encourage others to give it a try if you find it hard to see the good things—only takes a few minutes each day


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