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Would you live on Mars?

Alyssa Carson is the 18-year-old astronaut making Mars her mission.



Where most of us nihilistically joke about being blasted out into deep space, the Louisiana-born teen is deadly serious about heading for the red planet.



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  1. This makes me so happy! As a lifelong space (and science in general) geek, I love reading about things like this. I hope she accomplishes her mission.

  2. @linzlovelaceAFI, same! I wish her the best.

    — When people say kids are the future, they aren’t kidding, haha.

    I loved that she said this:
    “As we continue to research and discover, and build a moon colony or a Mars colony or whatever it may be, all of our findings can be translated here on earth – making us more sustainable both on earth and in orbit.”

  3. yes yes yes exploration on space travel is going to crucially impact everyone’s future on earth. would 100% live on mars

  4. As scientist I can say,it’s not that easy. Many scientists say things that they can’t prove. And I would love to believe that living on Mars is possible, but I know it’s not as easy as it seems. I’m happy that she wants to support science, but, honestly I’m worried about her and desicion that she is making.😔

  5. I’m so excited for her! She’s among the amazing women who are such an inspiration to little girls who dream of space!

    Also, mad respect for anyone who goes for their dreams no matter how “crazy and impossible” they sound to others

  6. Oh and yes I would love to live on Mars.

    But can we leave the people who played a huge part in fucking up this planet behind? Let them live in the chaos they created…

    But then that would inevitably cause a riot about who is responsible for for what and other shit 🙃


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